Treaty United Last One Standing Competition

1 entry: €10, 3 Entries: €20
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    • 1.

      Just pick one winner from each weekend’s Premier League match fixtures each week until eliminated. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday games only). The first weekend of the competition will be weekend commencing Friday 18th of August.

    • 2.

      Entry fee is €10 per team or €20 for three teams.

    • 3.

      To progress in the competition, you must select a winning team. Draw or loss equals elimination.

    • 4.

      Once selection is made, it is final.

    • 5.

      You may not pick the same team twice. If same team is picked twice in competition automatically you will be assigned the first team that you have not already selected in alphabetical order in the league.

    • 6.

      Selections to be received no later than 7PM Friday evenings.

    • 7.

      Enter by email only

    • 8.

      If you forget to make your selection by 7PM Friday evening, you will be assigned the first team alphabetically in the league.

    • 9.

      In the event of the match being cancelled or postponed, you will go through to the next round and that team is no longer available for selection.

    • 10.

      The decision of the Club shall be binding on all matters. The Club reserve the right to amend the rules for the proper conduct of the competition

    • 11.

      The last player standing will receive prize of €750.

    • 12.

      Should two or more participants remain standing and all are eliminated in the same week, the prize will be distributed equally among them.