Job Spec: Treaty United Commercial Director (part-time)

  1. Role:
    To be responsible for maximising revenue generation of the club through commercial partnerships
    and to grow and develop other income streams including the matchday ticket sales, retail and other
    matchday and non-match day revenue.
  2. The key responsibilities of this role are Commercial Sales specifically:
    • Have a solid understanding of all commercial sales aspects of the business, including a detailed
    knowledge of margins, cost of sales, and budgets.
    • Be responsible for meeting budgeted revenue targets and the sale and co-ordination of all
    commercial sponsorship activity,
    • Be accountable for the marketing strategy of all revenue creation areas, including but not limited
    to commercial sponsorships, retail sales,
    • Create and manage key relationships with local and national business partners and key suppliers.
    • Understanding the value drivers of the business and identifying profitable commercial
    opportunities to grow revenue
    • Develop and maintaining an excellent understanding of the key customers/ and target audience to
    ensure that their needs are being met and that their business is retained
  3. Targets and KPIs
    • Commercial Partnership – hit key revenue targets through commercial partnerships.
    • Reporting – provide detailed management information relating to sales.
    • In addition to the above measures of success there will be specific KPI’s set on an annual basis
    which will be discussed with you and agreed on commencement of work and then reviewed and
    agreed annually.
  4. Remuneration:
    The role will be for minimum 15 hours per week. Remuneration will be via retainer and general sales
    commission to be agreed with the successful candidate.

Interested Candidates should contact